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Data Sciences Corporation supplies and expertly support the latest in industry-leading innovations for your midrange to enterprise All-Flash, Object, S3, Block and NAS needs to support your data analytics requirements



Data Sciences Corporation is a South African Enterprise IT Service provider. Data Sciences Corporation was established in 2013. We are an Engineering company that provides top IT products from international resellers.
We are the top IT resellers for most of our global partners in South Africa and bring in the best international technologies to solve all of your IT challenges.  Our partners include: Pure Storage, NEC, NVIDIA, Supermicro and many more.
Our partners allow us to bring the best enterprise IT solutions to the South African market. We are proud to say that we provide South Africa’s top enterprises with our IT services. 


Data Sciences Corporation


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DataSciences Corporation is one of the only South African Elite/Premier partners. We are CERTIFIED to provide your enterprise with international IT technologies. Our engineers get certified to provide you with SLAs (Service Level Agreements). Our customers will need this to sustain these technologies.
We also have the ability to offer flexible financing options so that we can adapt to each customer’s needs. We do this by being a Value-Added Reseller and Systems Integrator. To provide unique and relevant technologies that help solve our customers’ challenges.





Data Sciences Corporation partners with GigaSpaces Technologies to usher DIH technology to enterprises in SA

Data Sciences Corporation, which positions itself as a leading systems integrator and provider of data-driven technologies, announces today that it forges a new partnership with GigaSpaces Technologies, a global pioneer in the in-memory computing domain. The company’s flagship product is Smart DIH – an out-of-the-box solution that powers real-time modern applications, ensuring they run on fresh data, while simplifying and speeding up the development cycles of new digital services.

Data Sciences Corporation celebrates 10-year milestone

Data Sciences Corporation celebrates 10 years of offering a wide range of services, from storage and backup appliances to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Introduction: A legacy of excellence

As Data Sciences Corporation marks its 10th anniversary this month, we find it apt to reflect on our journey, accomplishments and the rich history that has shaped us into a leader in the South African IT market.

The Data Sciences Survival Guide

If you’re fortunate enough to work in the field of Information Technology (IT), congratulations! You are part of one of the most popular and rapidly expanding industries in the technology sector.

As an IT professional, you are part of an elite group. You are at the forefront of innovation, change, and progress. You are helping to shape the future of our digital world.

However, let’s be honest and acknowledge the truth that lies beneath the surface. This industry, while exciting and rewarding, can also be demanding, stressful, and intimidating, particularly for those who are just starting out.

‘Hybrid cloud adoption’ the answer to challenges presented by public cloud solutions

We evolved from that way of thinking some decades ago to where we are now; now we have IT being very key in the success of many organisations, with many relying on IT to develop, test, launch and market new products,” says Isaac Makoto, Business Development Manager at Data Sciences.

Nakivo promotes productivity in the digital workspace

Almost overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated businesses into the future of work. Employers were forced to figure out how to allow workers to work remotely from anywhere at any time.

How digital twins can simplify complex IT estates

Digital twins feel thoroughly futuristic. The concept conjures virtual copies of advanced aircraft engines, cutting-edge manufacturing plants or tomorrow’s smart cities.

Pure Storage Fusion: the future of data storage and management

Pure Fusion is a game-changing solution that combines the power of Pure Storage FlashArray, FlashBlade and Purity software into a single, unified platform managed from a single interface. The Pure Fusion solution offers high-performance storage capabilities that can handle even the most demanding workloads, ensuring that infrastructure, be it on-premises or in the cloud, can keep up with the high pace of modern business.


TFG (The Foschini Group), the leading specialty retail group in South Africa with 34 brands and more than 3000 retail stores, had 110TB of data contained on a hybrid cloud storage solution that was at end-of-life (EOL). The company had initially chosen the infrastructure to meet various application performance and capacity requirements since it was capable of caching locally the most in-demand data for superior performance metrics, whilst also allowing its considerable backup and archival data to reside in the cloud.

10 Years of Innovation and Growth in the IT Field

A decade of dominance in the world of information technology! Ten years of pushing the boundaries of what's possible and blazing a trail for others to follow! This year we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Data Sciences Corporation, the premier IT solutions...
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