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Data Sciences Corporation is a South African IT Service provider.
Data Sciences Corporation opened in 2013. We are an Engineering company that provides IT solutions. To provide our customers with technology and data centre environments. 
We are the top IT resellers in South Africa and bring in the best international technology. 
Our partners include: Pure Storage, NEC, NVIDIA, Supermicro and many more.
Our partners allow us to bring the best enterprise IT solutions to the South African market.
We provide South Africa’s top enterprises with IT that will improve their data centres. 


Data Sciences Corporation



DataSciences Corporation is one of the only South African Elite/Premier partners.
We are CERTIFIED to provide your enterprise with international IT technologies.
Our engineers get certified to provide you with SLA’s (services level agreements).
Our customers will need these because to sustain these technologies.
We also have the ability to offer flexible financial options so that we are able to adapt to each customer’s needs.
We do this by being a Value-Added Reseller and Systems Integrator. To provide unique and relevant technologies that help solve our customers’ challenges.