Portworx® by Pure Storage provides a fully integrated solution for persistent storage, data protection, disaster recovery, data security, cross-cloud and data migrations, and automated capacity management for applications running on Kubernetes.


Portworx Named the Gold Standard

For the second consecutive year, GigaOm Research has ranked Portworx as a leading Cloud-Native Kubernetes Storage solution, calling it “the gold standard for cloud-native Kubernetes storage for the enterprise.”


Your Digital Transformation

Portworx is a software-defined container storage platform that delivers persistent storage and data services for containers and microservices. Portworx products enable you to run any cloud-native data service, in any cloud, using any Kubernetes platform, with built-in high availability, data protection, data security, and hybrid-cloud mobility.

Complete Kubernetes Data Services Platform

Only Portworx offers a unified Kubernetes-native solution for storage, data protection, data security, migrations, and capacity management. It abstracts away the complexity of underlying storage infrastructure to provide a single unified storage layer for cloud-native applications.

No Boundaries

Fully Automated Management. Gain comprehensive, fully automated, Day-2 operations, so your DevOps team can focus on using data services, not managing them. Run any application on any cloud or storage infrastructure at every stage of the cloud-native lifecycle with Portworx.

Best-in-Class Data Protection for Kubernetes

With high availability in and across cloud AZs and racks, point-and-click backup and restore of entire Kubernetes applications or clusters, and up to zero RPO disaster recovery, no one provides more options for Kubernetes data protection.

Even Better with Pure

and Data Sciences

As 100% software, Portworx runs on any infrastructure. Run Portworx on top of Pure FlashArray and Pure FlashBlade to benefit from Kubernetes-native storage and data management, as well as Pure’s industry-leading performance, provided by Data Sciences Corporation.

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