Accelerate Ransomware Recovery

Data protection strategies designed for disasters, data corruption, or accidental deletions don’t always hold up against ransomware attacks. Pure Storage helps mitigate ransomware attacks by securing critical data from being altered or destroyed—and allowing you to recover quickly from an attack.


Secure Backups Against Ransomware

Pure SafeMode™ snapshots protect backup data and metadata by creating a secure copy. Ransomware can’t eradicate, modify, or encrypt SafeMode snapshots, even with admin credentials. With just a few clicks, you can restore business-critical data quickly and at scale. Available with both FlashBlade and FlashArray.

Restore Systems Quickly and Completely

When disaster strikes, every minute counts. Bringing systems back online quickly and at scale is imperative. Pure FlashRecover provides near-instant restore capabilities of 1PB+ per day.

Move at the Speed of Business

Legacy disaster-recovery solutions are slow.  FlashBlade smashes your recovery-point and recovery-time targets with up to 270TB per hour data-recovery performance for production and test/dev workloads.

Snapshots with

All-flash Simplicity

Snapshot scheduling and retention are fully customizable and easy to deploy. Expand and upgrade without disruption. And there’s no need to change your backup software. Simply set it and forget it. Protect your data backups from Ransomware attacks.

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