Storage as a Service

Use Pure Cloud Block Store™ to run your enterprise applications and TestDev in the cloud of your choice with high-performance, high-resilience, and cost-effective cloud storage. 


Easily Migrate Data between Clouds

Provide seamless data mobility with simple, efficient replication from on-premises to cloud or from cloud to cloud. Integration with AWS Migration Services, Azure Migrate, and Azure Site Recovery enable reliable data replication and migration.

Gain Data Infrastructure Efficiency

Your data uses less cloud storage infrastructure due to Pure’s industry-leading data compression, thin provisioning, and deduplication. Benefit from snapshots and clones that consume no additional cloud storage.

Accelerate Automation and DevTest

Pure’s validated Terraform provider for Pure Cloud Block Store jump-starts automation of storage and cloud workflows. Instant, space-saving snapshots and clones in the cloud accelerate DevTest and dramatically improve software time to market and TCO.

Increase Cloud Resilience

Achieve high availability with efficient, reliable replication within a cloud or between public clouds. Enable multi-cloud business continuity and disaster recovery. Experience continuous uptime, always-on encryption, and ransomware data protection.

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