Pure Fusion ™ : Storage as Code

Provision, manage, and consume enterprise storage with the simple on-demand provisioning, effortless scale, and self-management of the cloud.


Cloud Self-Service

Make hardware invisible for simple provisioning and seamless automation through storage as code™. Enable users to rapidly consume volumes, file systems, and advanced data services like replication without waiting for back-end manual work.

Self-Service, Autonomous Storage as Code – Built for Limitless Scale

Pure Fusion – an industry-first self-service, autonomous storage platform combining the best of enterprise storage with the agility and scalability of the cloud. Pure Fusion from Pure Storage delivers a software as a service (SaaS) management layer that pools storage arrays into availability zones and automates previously complex tasks.

Infinite Scale-out

Blow past the traditional storage cluster with no restriction on storage media types, supporting hundreds of arrays and thousands of volumes. Deliver new, cloud-like availability zones to achieve nearly unlimited scale-out.

Intelligent Workload Management

Manage ever-changing application needs through continuous performance and utilization monitoring. Built-in AI optimizes storage pools, assigns, and rebalances workloads as conditions change— without hands-on management.

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