At Data Sciences Corporation, we are always looking for new technologies to help solve future problems. This means that we partner with innovative technology companies to help us achieve our goals. One such partner is VAST DATA. VAST DATA is democratising fast access to all data.

VAST DATA, through its announcements on the 6th April 2021, are looking to shake-up the way customers purchase and consume storage enterprise flash storage. Traditional storage vendors generally sell customers purpose-built hardware with their software, which is either sold separately or as an appliance. Further to this, VAST suggests that storage vendor will markup the hardware cost to the customer and then provide license modes based on the total capacity of the hardware. This means customers are paying a premium for commodity hardware and software costs for capacity they are not using.

The storage business model, reinvented for savings, simplicity and choice

VAST’s Gemini program completely overhauls this way of thinking, purchasing and consuming storage technology by disaggregating the commodity hardware from the software and therefore delivers on the promise of software-defined-storage (SDS). VAST achieves this disaggregation by firstly allowing customers to purchase the hardware, via their VAR’s, directly from the hardware manufactures at cost.

An infinite storage lifecycle

Secondly, Gemini provides customers with a usable capacity subscription license model based on customers actual capacity requirements (purchased in 100TB) and is independent of the underlying capacity of the hardware.

This means that there is no longer the traditional association between hardware and software and the connective costs between them. Customers now have the option to procure – at cost – the hardware they require to service their business while only paying software subscription costs for what they consume. The announcement of Gemini further supports VAST’s strategy in terms of their “Infinite storage lifecycle”.

A Trusted Copilot

Lastly, VAST also announced its Co-Pilot program which provides a personalised service engagement between the customers and VAST. This program is designed to ensure that support is managed as efficiently as possible and reduces the time to resolution, making the customers operational teams more efficient.

If you would like to find out more about a product that delivers on cost visibility and buying power for hyperscalers to build their own clouds, reach out to us at Data Sciences by emailing us: info@datasciences.za.cloudlet.cloud or call us on +27 861 777 372.

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