Commvault Authorised Support Program – CASP

Data Sciences is proud to announce the most recent achievement of CASP – Commvault Authorised Support Program. Data Sciences was approached by Commvault and their Public Relations partner; Evolution PR to collaborate on an article published in ITWeb on Monday, 18th January 2021.

Data Sciences Corporation is an engineering company that provides innovative, next generation solutions in their customers’ complex technology and data centre environments. This is achieved through being a Value-Added Reseller and Systems Integrator where they can provide unique, relevant and differentiated technologies that help solve their customers’ challenges.

“As part of this commitment, it has joined the ranks of Commvault Authorised Support Program (CASP) partners, becoming only the second organisation in South Africa to attain this status.” – Evolution PR

The programme is offered on an invitation-only basis, to carefully selected partners.

 “This localised support has numerous benefits for Commvault customers. They are able to access support in all 11 official South African languages, from a partner that is located in the same time zone and has an understanding of the nuances of the local market. This offers a far more personalised experience when dealing with the Commvault offering, and removes many of the typical communication barriers. It also allows engineers to be deployed on site at short notice, should this be required, to troubleshoot a problem. Customers have peace of mind that critical issues will be resolved in short time frames.” – Evolution PR

“We always embrace opportunities to further enhance our services capabilities and ensure that our customers have the best possible service experience available. The CASP programme allows us to extend our offering and better bridge the overall service requirements between our customers and Commvault support. It is a privilege to partake in CASP, and this certification will benefit both our business and our customers with a wider range of professional and support services and an enhanced value proposition,” says Isaac Makoto, Business Development Manager at Data Sciences.

Data Sciences continues to design and implement their technology solutions to meet their customer’s expectations, underpinned by unsurpassed levels of services and support.

“Achieving CASP partner status requires training from certified instructors and certification via the Commvault examination board. There is also a practical component that involves handling specific scenarios and tasks, where the speed and accuracy of response is judged. Data Sciences passed all aspects on its first attempt, resulting in the company being awarded Foundation level certification. This is the first of four levels, culminating in Master status. Data Sciences is already making solid progress in skilling up to achieve the second level of Core partner status.” – Evolution PR


“As a strategic Commvault partner, we function as a cohesive team with common goals and strategies, which creates the springboard for future success. Becoming a certified CASP partner is a milestone, displaying the commitment of both organisations to the partnership. Ultimately, this will see the end customer benefiting from excellent support and service and world-class technology – a win-win scenario for all stakeholders,” Makoto concludes.