In this blog we will discovery the way in which Inuvika OVD Enterprise, delivers Windows and Linux applications, making remote working easy and convenient.

Your company has implemented a blended model of remote working and decided that you may work at the office and at home. At first you thought, “Great! I can do as I please.”

The home office is free from meetings, interruptions, singing happy birthday to a colleague and arguments over who left the dishes in the sink.

A couple of months later and now you feel like you do not want to attend another online meeting…

Large corporates report a marked boost in productivity, along with other benefits, that will result in many adopting a “blended” model of allowing employees to work from both the office and home in future. 

According to Business Insider South Africa “the work-from-home shift during the coronavirus pandemic has brought surprising benefits to companies. Workers are more productive, healthier, and happier. Companies like Shoprite and RMB are looking at longer-term “blended” options of allowing staff to work from home at least part of the time.”

Despite this, it is fair to say that working from home has been both comforting and stressful.

We chatted to individuals across various industries such as Banking & Finance, IT, Fashion & Retail and Media, who shared common frustrations.

The first of which being the difficulty of finding a work-home balance due to their personal space now being their office. “When do I log off?”, “Do I have to respond to every mail I see after hours?”

Others find working from home to be more distracting.

However, the most prominent challenge experienced by every individual we chatted to, was connectivity and system access issues. They have expressed this as the source of their frustration and an occasional productivity inhibitor.

While you are sitting there feeling sorry for yourself because working from home did not live up to your expectations, there is good news!

Read on…

We, at Data Sciences Corporation have the technologies and partners available to achieve productive remote working. One such partner is Inuvika who aims to enable and increase remote working efficiency, from any device.

Inuvika OVD Enterprise delivers Windows and Linux applications and shared desktops to users on any device, anywhere. It is a robust virtualized application delivery platform that centralizes data and applications and protects sensitive corporate information.

For businesses, Inuvika provides improved data security by centralizing applications and data processing within your on-prem or public cloud. It provides granular-level user policy management allowing administrators more control over who may access the data and what they may do with it.

It also accelerates digital transformation in organisations by easily implementing BYOD (bring your own device) by providing on-demand access to Windows and Linux applications on any Mac, Windows or Linux PC; iOS/Android mobile device.

Commercially, organisations will lower their IT infrastructure costs by delivering centrally managed virtual workspaces to users.

Individuals’ connectivity and system-lag challenges become a thing of the past – with Inuvika, user sessions and applications are launched in seconds and they get to experience applications in a full Windows or Linux shared desktop, integrated into the user’s local desktop, or on a Web portal.

Want to know more?
Our team will be happy to explore the benefits Inuvika may bring to your organisation, as it has for many of our existing customers. Visit our website today and find out how your organisation can benefit https://datasciences.za.cloudlet.cloud/contact-us/