Solidarity e-Race Meet & Greet

The Solidarity e-Race Meet & Greet event held on Tuesday, 17th November 2020

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The Down-Low

What Went Down?

Where was it held?

The Meet & Greet event was held at the Afrihost Head Office

What was it all about?

It was all about the winners and broadcasters getting together for a fun-filled evening


a peek

The Sponsors

Who Sponsor’s this event?

The Sponsors were CoCre8, Data Sciences Corporation, NEC and Pure Storage.  These sponsors, together with Afrihost combined forces throughout all the Solidarity e-Races which happened during lockdown. Solidarity e-Race is a high impact E-sport motor racing competition, promoting the sim racing gaming community. The most recent instalment of the franchise was the CoCre8 Solidarity e-Race: British High Tea and took place from the 19th – 25th October 2020.